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Kalaja e Petrelës / Petrela Castle

Rruga e Petrelës, 1034 Tirana, Albania

Petrelë Castle (Alb. Kalaja e Petrelës) is a 15 Century castle in central Albania. Its history dates back to Justinian I. Petrelë Castle is 329 metres (1,079 ft) above sea level.

The castle of Petrelë has a rich history, containing a tower which was built in the 6th century AD.

The Castle, the prominent wooden structure is a restaurant, is perched on a rocky hill, above the village with the same name. It has a triangular shape with two observation towers. Although it was first built in ancient times, the present building dates from the 15th century.

The Petrela Castle was part of the signaling and defense system of Krujë Castle. The castles signaled to each other by means of fires. During Skanderbeg’s fight against the Ottomans, the Petrela Castle used to be under the command of Mamica Kastrioti, Skanderbeg's sister. Today there is a restaurant inside the castle. The castle site has views of the Erzen valley, the hills, olive groves, and surrounding mountains.

Facades: Wooden, Natural stone, Exposed concrete
Epoch: Middle Ages (until 1520)
Construction year: 1400
Build status: Old building
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